D158 - Two-Piece End Anchor


The Dayton Superior D158 Two-Piece End Anchor consists of a Dowel-In, or splice bar, and a round, square or rectangular anchor plate. The two-piece unit is available in bar sizes #4 through #18 and in various configurations, such as plain, female end, male end and double-ended. The two-piece unit is used effectively for many end anchorage applications where installation restrictions or congestion require the two piece version. The D158 anchor is available in plain or epoxy coated finish. Alternate anchor plate diameters are available. Contact Dayton Superior Technical Service Department for additional information.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
77734 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #4 [13MM]
77735 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #5 [16MM]
77736 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #6 [19MM]
77737 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #7 [22MM]
77738 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #8 [25MM]
77739 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #9 [29MM]
77740 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #10 [32MM]
77741 BLACK (MADE IN USA) #11 [36MM]
128177 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #4 [13MM]
128178 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #5 [16MM]
128179 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #6 [19MM]
128180 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #7 [22MM]
128181 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #8 [25MM]
128182 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #9 [29MM]
128183 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #10 [32MM]
128184 EPOXY (MADE IN USA) #11 [36MM]
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.